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  • Staff Observation Thread

    Even if he's banned, he can still come back and read manga. Or if he doesn't read here, he can still venture into other websites. Still can't understand what he was trying to accomplish...

  • The Third Impact: MangaDex Anniversary Celebration + Reddit AMA

    Any plans to include demographic as sorting criteria? Also maybe country as well? Tired of shitty Chinese manhuwa.......

  • So What’s Your Weather?


  • Manga recommendations

    @Jackone 1. Kirisaki Chitoge(Nisekoi) 2. Kousaka Kirino(Oreimo) 3. Konjiki no Yami/Golden Darkness(To love ru) 4. Koneko(DxD Highschool) anime characters i listed above is tsundere(though Yami&Koneko have kuudere mixed in) that "immediately lost all personality and become a happy go lucky slightly angry person". and i don't like it, which why i come to term "Tsundere lost her appeal when she turn into dere"

  • So What’s Your Weather?

    It's been below 0F for all but 4 hours in the last week.

  • Being able to organize manga into createable folders :planned:

    There is a script that kinda do this, no thumbnails, no sorting or updates, just a list with hyperlink titles. Not ideal, but helps.

  • Gaming rants/news (Mega Thread?)

    @bigtiddyoneesan Indie gaming isn’t that much better. It’s like a hipster art district but some people delude themselves into believing it’s enjoyable beyond sifting through endless shit for an ever increasingly rare gem. (quote) I never would’ve thought I’d see the day when Nintendo became the Cool Uncle and Sony became the “Woke Rush Limbaugh obsessed-like Uncle.” But yes, zeldass is K I N O. (quote) The fact that /vp/ made a better game than GameFreak ever could is just sad and weird. The franchise died after Black 2 White 2, the fan base broke Masuda and now he’s punishing us.

  • Staff Observation Thread

    @Richman Even if he hadn't asked for it, he deserved it for his poor rating methods tbh. Ones and tens across the board.

  • Say a funfact about literally anything

    The Pontifex maximus was the high priest of ancient Rome, with political and religious authority. One of their many duties include: Maintaining the Roman calendar. To maintain the pax deorum or "peace of the gods." The regulation of the public morals, and fining and punishing offending parties.

  • Gaming rants/news (Mega Thread?)

    @wowfucktron Yeah, most AAA, mainstream games are either formulaic, overhyped (from unkept promises), unfinished (if you can even call the 'finished' games finished lmao), or a combination of the three. But since anyone with a PC can make a game now, it's not like the big boys have total control, since games don't need muh graphics to be legendary. Pokemon Clover was a community-made mod and it almost doubled X and Y's sales. The difficulty curve has gone down, but challenging games, and challenge runs, are popular as hecking heck. But regardless, every single negative point is irrelevant when you account for the fact that Zelda's ass in leggings is clearly visible in BotW in full 1080p.

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